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         Create new healthy habits and stick to them

-       Healthy habits like exercising regularly simulate the brain helping productivity through out your day.


Get enough sleep – Average Adult needs 8 Hours

-       The average adult needs 8 Hours of sleep for you to function to your full potential. So by switching off and catching a good night sleep you increase productivity through out you day.


Get Organised

-       Ensure your desk is clear and organised. If your desk is cluttered with decorative things, you can get distracted from your work. Clear your desk and have only the things you need that way you can focus on the task at hand.


Have the correct chair

-       You can’t concentrate if your chair is distracting you because it is uncomfortable or faulty, so check your chair is suitable for what you need.


Set time limits and work within them

-       Set a realistic time limit, as that way you have a goal to work towards, this will increase your focus and help keep your day running smoothly without having to rush to complete other tasks.


Break up your day to avoid burn out

-       Make sure you take your lunch break and get away from your desk. Looking at a computer screen all day can be bad for your eyes and by taking a break and coming back with a fresh pair of eyes can help you refocus or see a situation from a clear perspective.


Identify your most productive time

-       Use your most productive time for work as this is when you will focus more and achieve a lot more, for example when inspiration hits, don’t just put it aside where you may possible forget about it, use that inspiration to achieve the goal when you are focused on it.


Give your full attention to what you are doing

-       When doing a task, if you are constantly checking your emails or looking across the office your work is not getting your complete focus and therefore is not your best. Take away all distractions and concentrate 100%.


Work hard

-       To work hard you need to focus and give your time to the work you are doing to ensure that you can give your best. If you don’t work hard on what you are doing it will show through and be noticed that you can do better


Eat regularly and correctly

-       Eating healthily and correctly gives both the body and the brain fuel to keep you going throughout the day.


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