10 steps to sitting correctly at your office desk

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Sitting correctly at your office desk can be the difference between 8 hours of comfort or 8 hours of needing to see a chiropractor. Following these simple steps below will increase your comfort, happiness in the office and will help you drive home happy.

1. Seat Back Adjustable – make sure your chair can recline in position, look our for a lock any position mechanism and a tension control.

2. Good Lumbar Support – a vital role in leading to a good posture position, plenty of lumbar support coming in the form of contoured form or adjustable lumbar will increase comfort.

3. Seat height adjustable – standard on most office chairs but important non the less. Make sure you seat raised and lowers to your preferred height.

4. No excess pressure on the underside of thighs and back of knees – You Need to make sure the seat is sitting comfortably underneath you, look out for chairs with a seat slide function, these can be adjusted to cater for people of all heights.

5. Foot support if needed – keeping your feet planted flat on the floor is just as good.

6. Space for postural change, no obstacles under the desk – leave the space directly under your legs free for you to adjust your posture position without anything getting in the way.

7. Forearms approximately horizontal – look out for chairs with adjustable arms, you can get arms which slide forward to give your forearms more support.

8. Minimal extensions, flexing or deviation of wrists – prevent RSI by getting chair arms that pivot, these can be sued as wrist-rests causing you to put less pressure on your wrists.

9. Screen height and angle should allow for comfortable head position – work together with your chair and screen to adjust the height to directly line up with your eyes so your neck isn’t bent.

10. Space in front of the keyboard to support hands / wrists during pauses in the keying. Similar to point 8, pivoting arms on chairs can turn into wrist wrest to stop your wrists from aching.

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