It’s not 1995 anymore, time for a new chair.

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People come into the showroom on a regular basis telling me they’ve been sitting on the same chair they had when Oasis released Wonderwall in 1995 and it doesn’t always shock me as no one really likes change! That’s you’re office chair right? That was the chair you sat on when Littly Jonny was going into primary school, that was the chair you sat on when you watched the UK go into the new millennium and that was the chair you sat on when you found out Christopher Biggins won I’m a Celebrity – get me outta here.


But the time has come fellow chair sitters, the chair you once loved is on its last legs (or castors in this instant) and you’re on the hunt for the next addition to your office family.


Well guess what, we just so happen to be an office seating company and a good one at that! So we’re here to help. We have everything to capture for, from Operator Chairs, Fabric Chairs, Leather Chairs and even reclining “lazy boy” chairs!


Back in the day your office chair is more than likely layers of foam stitched together to hold it all in one place, but the game has changed, now more than ever is the perfect time to upgrade your office chair. We have contoured foam, contoured foam I hear you ask. Well contoured foam is specifically designed for each office chair, this is more often found within ergonomic office chairs because the foam is injected into a custom made steel housing before being “cooked” and set. This design gives you the upmost comfort and designed to fit to the natural human body as opposed to being something that just looks pretty! A good example of contoured foam is our Atlantis Plus chair, the leading Ergonomic chair on the market, this incredible chair has everything you could possibly need to sit comfortably for hours on end and will take  your desk back pain away. Another chair we would like you to try is our Wave Air Mesh Ergonomic chair, this chair has a built in lumbar support, height adjustable back, synchronised mechanism and more. With it being next day delivery you can be assured you’ll be in comfort in no time.


Are you local to Essex and are still undecided? Then come down to our Colchester Showroom, packed full of all  the best office chairs and desks to get you sorted. Any problems get in touch with us on or 01206 586858.



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