5 Things You Need to Have at Your Office Desk

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Make a list of the days priorities and rank them by importance. Always start with the most important or time sensitive task of the day. When you have a structure like this you can always have peace of mind that that really important thing you needed to get done yesterday will never be forgotten. In an office environment it’s really easy to get distracted with all the little bits and bobs office colleagues ask you to do when you “have a minute” so keeping a priority list will stop you getting carried away with mundane or easy tasks and help you to focus on the big stuff.

Get an A4 whiteboard and have it somewhere where you can always see it. It doesn’t have to be right in front of you; just somewhere it will catch your eye a few times throughout your day.

Keeping a letter tray on your office desk so that your “to do later” isn’t all in one big messy pile is a good idea too.



Things that make you happy.

Obviously this is a work environment so bringing in your cat from home because it makes you happy isn’t 100% appropriate. What I mean by this is that the office environment can be very bleak, very mundane and it’s really easy to lose focus. Trying to get all your work done by boring yourself into being productive isn’t going to work because your brain can only focus on one thing for so long.

Add some splashes of colour to your workspace, bring in some framed pictures of loved ones or pets that will catch your eye and perk you up a bit. Put some inspirational quotes on the walls and get some fun knickknacks for your desk, things that won’t distract you but that will perk you up and make your office space more enjoyable to be in.



Desk Plants

A plant is a really good way to make your office space more hospitable. Plants are useful as desk dividers or for breaking up empty space. Small fruit plants are especially useful because as well as the functional aspect, they add an exciting splash of colour as well as a refreshing scent.

If your office desk space is too small for a plant that size, have no fear. A tiny cactus in a pot that requires minimal care and water is an excellent alternative if you don’t have the room



It’s easier than you think to become dehydrated at the office, even when you are sitting down all day. You might not think you’re doing anything too strenuous with your body but your brain is still working all day. Keep it working at its greatest potential by staying hydrated and well fed. Your mind needs fuel to work! Even a sip of water every few minutes can improve brain output.

As an office worker, I bet you’re surrounded by sweet and sugary temptations consistently. While the occasional doughnut won’t kill you, eating one daily will wreck your weight-loss plan in a hurry. Keep some light snacks at your desk so you can make a positive decision if your stomach grumbles. Sugar crashes won’t help your productivity but asking your mind to run on empty wont either. Find a balance.


Care Products.

If you’ve ever dragged yourself into work whilst ill, as we’ve all had to do at some stage in our lives, you’ll know how important it is to have a box of tissues on your desk. It’s not practical to be running to the bathroom and coming back with giant wads of loo roll every 15 minutes. Summer is almost here and hay fever is a killer, be prepared!!

It’s always advisable to keep some mints or some gum in your office space if you’re working in close proximity with co-workers. That onion bagel probably tastes a lot better than it smells.


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