5 Ways you know it’s Christmas in the office.

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5 Ways you know it’s Christmas in the office.


Walking into the office on a Monday morning to see tinsel wrapped around your desk and computer monitor along with seeing paper snowflakes dangling from the ceiling can only mean one thing… Christmas has hit the office! Here are a few ways that we at Atlantis Office, feel the office changes at Christmas.

  1. The atmosphere in the office changes greatly over Christmas, the feeling of joy and excitement fill the room as you see tinsel wrapped around the computer monitor and all around the straight office desks. Seeing the Christmas decorations wrapped neatly around the office furniture really picks up the mood and takes you back to those childhood memories of decorating the tree with your family and staying up late on December 24th waiting for Father Christmas to arrive, then waking up to presents beautifully wrapped in the home office next to the computer desk underneath the tree.


  1. Seeing the Christmas wreaths hanging from the door to the showroom instantly increases excitement and really gets you in the Christmas spirit as you walk in to the showroom and see the Christmas tree sitting on the round meeting table. The Christmas tree is decorated with glittery red and green baubles along with a slight dusting of fake snow to give it the real Christmassy feel! Underneath the tree there are the Atlantis Office lollypops and mixed in with them you see the traditional red and white candy canes


  1. The radio slowly changes from regular music to the Christmas hits meaning everyone in the office starts singing along and spinning on their high back office chairs, joining in with the Christmas spirit, the sound of the Christmas jingles playing along in the background is enough to lift the spirits of everyone in the office.


  1. Forget about feeling guilty when it comes to over indulging in your Christmas dinner or going back for seconds with your dinner or with your Christmas pudding, with our Goliath Duo Leather Heavy Duty Chair supporting up to 27 stone, you do not have to worry about piling on the Christmas pounds ;)


  1. The best thing about Christmas in the office has to be going to look for a pen and note pad then finding mince pies, the perfect little Christmas treat, in the metal mobile pedestal next to the desk. Speaking of metal mobile pedestals, use this code to receive 10% OFF our silver or white metal pedestal: XMASPED.


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