Atlantis Office - Christmas Orders

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Atlantis Office – Christmas Orders.


So it is that time of year, once again… if you are reading this, it means you are looking to find out what will happen if you order between now and the New Year!


All orders will continue as normal up until 18th December, if you would like to order any of our furniture this will have to be ordered by the 18th in order to receive it in time. As of the 19th December, all furniture orders will not be delivered until the 4th January onwards unless you are advised otherwise.


All chair orders will remain the same unless you opt for the “fully built” option up until the 20th December. Orders for “Next Day” chairs placed on Friday 23rd December or after will not be shipped until the 28th meaning that orders placed between the 23rd and 28th December will be dispatched then delivered on the 29th December.


Orders received on the 28th December before 2pm will be processed then dispatched that day for delivery on the 29th. Orders received after 2pm will be dispatched the next day.


Orders received on the 29th December before 2pm will be processed then dispatched that day for delivery on the 30th. Any orders received after 2pm will be processed on the 30th and will be delivered on the 4th January.


All orders will be processed as normal as of the 3rd January 2017.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask, someone will be present in the office almost every day apart from the days listed (24th December, 25th December, 26th December, 27th December, 31st December, 1st January and 2nd January).



        Merry Christmas And Happy New Year From Atlantis Office!

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