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With much of our time now spent seated in front of a computer screen, it is becoming ever more important to ensure you have a quality desk chair. An uncomfortable chair for a few minutes is a pain, yes. But try at least 8 hours, every day. Prolonged use of a low-quality chair can lead to back and neck aches, at the very least. We all know how difficult aches like that can make our work day. Every task becomes increasingly tedious when you’re in pain.

            Lucky for you, there’s no need to spend your hours in a low-quality chair. Companies like Atlantis Office are able to provide the right chair for you. Whether you want a firm chair with a structured back or a softer, more cushioned chair with some wiggle room, there is a chair that is perfect for you.

            Leather chairs are growing ever more popular as they’re not only comfortable, but also fashionable. Not to mention easy to clean. Who hasn’t spilled their coffee at least once at work? Plus, leather chairs have come quite a long way. Before they may have simply been a status symbol, but now they’re comfortable too. You can have an adjustable head rest, tilt features, and even built in lumbar back support.

            If leather isn’t your style there are plenty of other options. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort or utility with office chairs anymore. Operator office chairs are especially great for anyone that finds him or herself sitting most of the day. They are named as such because they were designed for desk based operator positions, where one is expected to remain seated for a full work day. The chairs on the market now have been tested by experts, so you know comfort is guaranteed for at least 8 hours. If you find yourself at your desk longer than that or share a desk with someone on the night shift, never fear. There are operator chairs designed specifically for 24-hour use. These are especially useful in call centers, which operate all day and night.

            There are even ergonomic chairs, kneeling chairs, and chair specifically designed to aid in posture improvement. Atlantis Office are specialists in ergonomic posture chairs, in our Colchester showroom or our online shop you can get exactly the chair you want, quite easily too.

            Put quite simply, there are endless options for desk chairs. You don’t have to worry about sacrificing or scrimping- there are high quality chairs available for reasonable prices that are guaranteed to be comfortable.
So what are you waiting for? Kick your uncomfortable, outdated office chair to the curb and start looking for the chair that you need. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice anything when it comes to being comfortable in your working environment, and chairs are no exception. So pull up a new tab on your browser and start looking for your perfect chair.

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