Chiro Plus - The Mercedes of Chairs

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The Chiro Plus is the Mercedes of the seating world, it’s robust structure, 5 year warranty and 24 hour use policy means it is the ideal solution for your office.

Designed with the intent to reduce back pain in the office while retaining and executive look the Chiro Plus is the chair for you. It’s back and seat is countered foam, meaning even if the fabric was removed the foam will remain in the form it is in. This design gives you more support within your back and hips as opposed to a conventional office chair which you would sink into the foam.


The Chiro Plus Posture Office Chair comes from a high spec factory which builds and inspects every chair before being dismantled, cleaned and boxed. To ensure the moment it arrives at your door it is in full working order.  

Height adjustable, Pivoting and sliding arms reduces RSI. No more arms being forced under desks, this chair is designed to fit perfectly under a standard desk size of 725mm high or adjust the arms to sit on top for wrist supports.


The Chiro Plus is designed to hold up to 23.5 stone for 24 hours a day, the chair is adjustable in every way, meaning you can move it into any position that fits you during that point in the day.

An adjustable large headrest finishes this fantastic chair off, providing additional neck and back support. Available in Blue, Black or Wine yitardex elastic fabric for heavy duty use.  


You sit in an office for 1/3 of your day, why would you want to go into work and sit on an uncomfortable chair, have back pain all day and type away at your desk. At least spending 8 hours of your day comfortable gives you something to look forward when you wake up and have to battle the morning traffic.


The 5 year warranty applies to all moving parts, including gas lift, arms, base, height adjustable back etc.

The Chiro Plus is on a next day free delivery service to all UK mainland. Call us on 01206 586858 to order yours now! 

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