Negative Effects of Bad and Incorrect Posture

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Negative Effects of Bad and Incorrect Posture


Back pain – Slouching isn’t a normal position for the body to remain in for a long period of time as this increases the pressure on the back as well as causing our muscles to work harder, over time this has an adverse effect on general health which can lead to long-term health issues. Poor and incorrect posture increases stress on the back which results in back pain, especially in the lower back and shoulders.



Work Performance – With staff being uncomfortable they’ll be distracted, less motivated and have increased stress levels therefore work performance will suffer. Increased physical and mental stress are two negative effects of incorrect posture which translates to soreness and pain in the back due to incorrect body form whilst seated. A side effect of back pain and stress is a lower confidence level which has an antagonistic consequence in work performance as colleagues and supervisors may see that you are disinterested and unmotivated.


Negative Mood, Back Pain, Posture


Negative mood – Bad posture and back pain obviously have a negative effect on mood. Studies have shown individuals who slouch or slump exhibit more fear, lower confidence levels, worse moods and lower self-esteem than those who sit with correct posture.


How to Improve Posture


Remain Active - Doctors and chiropractors recommend regular breaks are taken to promote a healthy lifestyle in the work environment. This can be done simply by walking around the office or even work standing up for a few minutes to positively increase circulation and mood.


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Buy the correct chair for you – Read our blog to better understand how to select the best posture chair for you:


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