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Wave Simplicity Ergonomic Chair From Atlantis Office

I don’t know about anyone else but I hate sitting at a desk for 8 hours, not being able to concentrate on what I am supposed to be doing because the only thing I can think of is either how much pain I am in because of my chair or how uncomfortable my office chair is. Some chairs can be a real nightmare, they are not comfy and you end up grumpy and annoying everyone in the office with your whining about it, even though they probably agree with you and think the same about their own chair.

Atlantis Office sell a range of different style office chairs. I personally find them more comfortable than most chairs I have sat on, for example the Wave Simplicity Posture Chair. It is advertised as affordable and stylish, but it is also comfortable to sit on.  This chair is classed as an ergonomic office chair, which means that they designed to contour the shape of your back, they are great for your posture, because let’s face it no one wants to be slouched over their desks. What I specifically like about this chair is how well it supports your lower back. We have all felt that nagging ache in our lower back when we have sat in our computer desk to long, well with this chair it supports that part of your back so less strain is on it, which overall improves your posture making you look more presentable at work and you feel more positive because that nagging pain is not there anymore. What a lovely thought. I can just picture it now sitting at my desk, generally feeling more happy and positive, radio going in the background and leaning back against the mesh back whilst sinking into the comfort of the padded air mesh seat and the inspiration is just flowing as I typing away.

Also another thing that really adds to this chair was the head rest, it is so nice to be able to sit and lean against the head rest without feeling like your head is hitting a brick wall, the headrest is just soft and comfy to use, also it is included in the price so I would say that it is a bargain.

So say goodbye to your boring, uncomfortable office chair, and check out some new ergonomic chairs at Atlantis office, you will really see the difference in the chairs and yourself.

Click here to view the Wave Simplicity Ergonomic Posture Chair

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