How to Select the Best Posture Chair for You

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With so many chairs to choose from, how do you choose a great posture chair for your commercial office or home office? Here are the top tips for getting the best chair for you, so that there is minimal stress put on your lumbar area when you sit.


Understand What an Posture Chair is

The first step is to understand fully what a posture chair is. The term “posture chair” refers to a chair designed for your specific body dimensions. That means that although the chair is labelled in the store as being good for your posture, it may not function in a healthy way for you specifically because of your size. For example, it might be too high for you if you are a short person, making it uncomfortable at your workstation.


Look for Adjustability

While not every chair suits every person, your chair is more likely be comfortable for you when you are able to adjust it in various places. A key example is seat height. If you can lower the seat, for a shorter person, or raise it, for a taller person, then you are more likely to get one that is ergonomic. Ideally, the seat height is one quarter of your total height.


Specific Chair Features and Working Environment

In addition, the best posture chair for you depends on your work environment. For example, if you want to be free to move smoothly between two desks and a filing pedestal in your office during an average day, then a chair with wheels is a better choice than a stationary chair. Having wheels provides you the flexibility you want to be as efficient as possible in carrying out your work tasks.


Be the Primary Shopper

Also, be sure that you are actively involved in shopping for a posture chair. Being the primary shopper for the office furniture is important as you are the one who is going to be sitting in it most often. You know best what features you want, the office space and what functions you will be performing while sitting in the chair. If you hand off the task to an office worker or other person, you risk getting a chair that is less than optimal.

The best posture chair is one that can adjust to your body proportions and is suitable for the tasks you will do in the chair. Additional considerations include budget, colour scheme of your office and decor style of the space. Check out the wide selection of posture chairs at Atlantis Office to get the best one for you in your office.


Key components of a Posture Office Chair


Feature Explanation
Synchronous Mechanism Seat pan and backrest are linked and move in synchronous
Asynchronous Mechanism Provides maximum adjustability as seat pan and backrest are both adjusted independently, usually with two separate levers
Seat Height Adjustment Allows users to position themselves at the correct height dependent on the task in hand
Seat Height Adjustment Regardless of height this feature enables users to get the appropriate under-thigh support without impeding circulation
Seat Slide Allows users to position themselves at the correct height dependent on the task in hand
Independent Seat Tilt Adjustment This feature allows you to tilt the seat forwards enabling the user to position themselves above their knees which in turn improves posture and keeps your spine in the “S” shape when sitting
Back Height Adjustment Allows users to position themselves at the correct height dependent on the task in hand
Adjustable Lumbar Support Lumbar support is available via a pump up/down system or via a mechanically activated device in the backrest which adjusts the ergonomic contour of the lower back area to best fit the user and their body shape. The reason to incorporate a lumbar support within the backrest is to encourage the natural “S” shaped spine which reduces pressure on the discs in the users back
Adjustable Armrests Adjustable armrests are ideal for providing support when not using the keyboard or/and mouse which in turn relieves tension built up within the shoulders and upper back. Adjustable armrests are normally available in three styles: Height adjustable, width adjustable, depth adjustable and 4D (comprises of all the above)
Independently Adjustable Headrest An independently adjustable headrest supports the neck and is typically attached to the top of the backrest, adjustable up and down as well as backwards and forwards. Headrests compliment back support without restricting movement which can improve overall health and posture when in a reclined position
5 Spoke Base A 5 spoke base is the safest option for a swivel base chair due to the increased stability you gain from 5 spokes

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