The NEW Kanga Kneeling Stool

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The Kanga Kneeling Chair is one of our bestselling posture chairs, it’s designs allows for a convention way of sitting at a desk without any lower back pain. The Kanga encourages your body to sit upright in its natural position, all day we either sit in the office, on our sofas or in our beds, this kneeling stools designs puts your knees into the correct position pushing your posture upwards making it more comfortable to work at your desk.


It’s side handles allow you to get on and off the chair with ease while it’s swivel function being similar to a normal office chair allows you the freedom to continue to move around the office. The Kanga Kneeling Stool has an exceptional amount of padding on both the seat pad and knee pad, after all if you are to be sitting it in for hours on end you want it to be effective on your posture as well as comfortable on your behind!

The Kanga is designed one a one piece structured fixed metal frame meaning the knee pad and seat pad will move in the same time and distance when the gas lift is adjusted for your height. These kneeing stools are an ideal replacement and or side companion to your current office chair, if you aren’t at the stage of wanting to give up your very much loved chair this is a perfect purchase as you can use it as and when you feel the need to adjust your posture and make yourself more comfortable, it is likely you will end up using it for a main chair.


After its massive hit in the posture seating industry the Kanga brings new colours as we head into summer 2017, we have given it a fresh look of a Red Yitardex Fabric Seat and Knee Pad. Ideal for the office but perfect for the home where you want to keep style a key factor.

The Kanga Kneeling Stool is a well-priced, effective solution to resolving back pain while sitting at your office desks, watching TV or working on the sewing machine.

Our Kanga Kneeling Stool is available on a next day free delivery service or opt to have your chair delivered assembled to you for only an additional £15.


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