New Products In The Atlantis Showroom!

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As you may know, Atlantis Office has a Showroom based in Colchester, Essex. We have a wide range of products in our showroom including the popular Chiro Posture Chairs, Wave Ergonomic Office Chairs, Kneeling Chairs and Kneeling Stools! We also have a range of Office Desks and Home Office Desks in the Atlantis showroom, including the E Space desk. By having real office style layouts in our Colchester Showroom it will give you an idea as to what the products would look like in your office space as well as helping you imagine what the products would look like in your Office/Home Office.


We have six new arrivals in the showroom, the Onyx Chiropractor Posture Office Chair, Stealth Air Mesh Executive Posture Chair, Goliath Heavy Duty Executive Chair, Spider Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair, Switch Black Bonded Leather Chair and the Savoy Eames Style Cantilever Chair which are all ready for you to come and try before you buy!

      The showroom can help you when it comes to choosing your new chair as it means you are able to get a true idea of how it will look in your office as well as being able to see the size, exact colour and test the chair to see if you find it comfortable and to see if it is suited to your office.                                                                                          




The Onyx is approved for 24 hour use, rated to 23.5 stone (150KG) and is designed to reduce back pain, it is available in black or blue fabric and features a contoured foam back and seat for extra comfort support.

(Onyx Posture Office Chair in Blue Fabric)


The Stealth is an air mesh posture chair which has been approved for 24 hour use and has been rated to 23.5 stone (150KG). This is available in Black Mesh and has can be ordered with or without a headrest (Headrest will cost an extra £23.99) and offers synchronised tilt mutli lock any position mechanism with weight tensioner as well as an ergonomic seat slide to cater for your height.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               (Stealth Air Mesh Posture Chair with Headrest)  


The Goliath is our heavy duty executive chair which has been rated to 27 stone (170KG). It has matching padded arm rests, a reclining function with tilt tension, and a gas lift seat height adjustment, the Goliath comes in black leather.

(Goliath Heavy Duty Executive Chair)


The Spider is a Black Mesh High Back office chair with integrated lumber support, it features black padded mesh flip up arms, a black Air Mesh seat, a tilting mesh headrest and a seat height adjustment with knee tilt mechanism to ensure your feet stay planted on the floor, increasing comfortability and posture. The Spider is also on a special offer meaning it is £95.99 (Including VAT) instead of £120 + VAT. This offer expires on February 29th so catch it while you can!

(Spider Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair) 


The Switch is our black bonded leather chair, features detailed white stitching on the seat and the arms, seat height adjustment with knee tilt which has multiple locking positions and padded leather flip up arms.

(Switch Black Bonded Leather Chair)


The Savoy cantilever chair is available in Black or Ivory bonded leather, it features a padded medium back and aluminium armrests which match the aluminium cantilever frame.

(Savoy Cantilever Chair in Ivory)


So why not pop in and try out some of our new arrivals as well as viewing all of our desks and our other office furniture! 



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