New Posture Chairs Launched For 2017

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With 2017 not far round the bend and Christmas already on the tip of peoples tongues (Halloween first though!) we are excited to show our new Orthopaedic Posture Chairs launched this month. 


We’ve seen posture office chairs go from strength to strength over the last few years and there seems to be no sign on stopping. Companies are coming to terms with the fact that employees are the heart of a business and if they’re uncomfortable, not sitting properly and getting back pain then they simply won’t work as well. It’s impossible to concentration anything if you are not in a comfortable state of mind. Most people sit in an office chair for 8 hours a day, that’s more than in some cases of hours you would sleep, you wouldn’t sleep on an old chair that’s been about since the 80’s so why is it any different for a vital bit of office furniture, your chair.




The first chair up is the Arcadia Fully Adjustable Mesh Posture Chair, coming in at £337.99 + VAT with free delivery it’s stylish, comfortable and adjustable. A key style to this chair is the white frame and blue mesh, I have been selling office chairs for 6 years now and have not come across a factory standard blue mesh with a white frame, it looks fantastic and I personally think would fit perfectly into any home or executive office.



Adjustable being the key word here, it comes with an synchronised mechanism which works at a 2:1 ratio, seat slide feature which allows you to adjust how far the seat moves in and out, the taller you are the further out you will want the seat. Adjustable lumber support which also allows the height of the back to be adjusted to find your perfect spot on your back. Not forgetting the height adjustable arms, perfect for manoeuvring yourself under your desk. The Arcadia comes with a 2 year guarantee, and a 120kg weight capacity meaning its heavy duty, back friendly and mind settling knowing if anything goes wrong we’re here to help.




We move onto the Betis High Back Mesh Posture Chair, coming in at a lower price range than the Arcadia it offers comfort at an affordable price of £218.99 (+ VAT) with free delivery.Along with having an adjustable lumbar support back which is operated by a twist lever the special feature about the Betis is its Knee Tilt Mechanism. As opposed to a conventional mechanism which will work in either a lock or tilt or synchronised, the Knee Tilt Mechanism allows you to learn back in the chair without your feet ever leaving the ground.


The chair drops down as opposed to tilting backwards, meaning your feet, knees and body don’t get jolted leaving you comfortable no matter the position.The Betis comes with height adjustable padded top arms, an air mesh seat and mesh back with adjustable mesh headrest. The mesh is a huge advantage to keeping cool while sitting at your desk, the theory behind mesh being on posture chairs is you sit in them for long hours so naturally you would become hot and uncomfortable, but having the mesh allows the air to flow and your body to not over heat.




Our third posture chair for launch for this year is the Franklin, our afforable high back leather 24 hour ergonomic office chair. This chair is adjustable, comfortable and stylish. The Franklin features a fully adjustable synchronized mechanism which includes a 2:1 ratio tilt and lock any position, seat slide to be adjusted for different heights and a height adjustable gas lift. These features mean you can find your most comfortable position at any point in the day, no more sitting in one set position have your back in pain, and you can adjust yourself with the chair to get the most out of your working hours.




Our Franklin Posture Chair includes a height adjustable back with a built in twist operated adjustable lumbar support. Once you’ve adjusted the lumbar you can then move the back up and down to put the lumbar in the area of you back that needs it the most. The back also includes a matching leather headrest which can be adjusted to suit your neck & head.Other feathers on the chair are the height adjustable and pivoting arm rests, these are here to prevent RSI, as opposed to a standard office chair where the arms are fixed in one place you can use these arm rests to rest your wrists on while typing, preventing RSI, and increasing general comfort.


Coming in at £199.99 (+ VAT) Free delivery the Franklin is the perfect solution to getting yourself comfortable in your office without losing any style. It’s chrome base and matching chrome gas lift with  black leather upholstery gives the executive office chair look without the compromise for comfort. 

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