Should you get a Kneeling Stool?

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Should you get a Kneeling Stool?

My back has been in a huge amount of pain the last 2 days and I’m putting it down to my slouching while editing the website and the fact I’ve been lifting more weights at the gym along with more furniture deliveries. However it’s got to the point I can’t sit comfortably at my desks, so I’m going for what we sell very well, a Kneeling Stool. I have never used one for more than just trying it out in the showroom but after so much positive feedback from our customers I’m giving it to go, out of the main ones we sell, the Elite, Ergonomic Steel and Wooden I’ve gone for the Kanga as I like the fact it has a good height range to it.


So far the verdict is it is initially very comfortable and the pain in my top left side of my back has instantly gone down from how bad it was hurting sitting in my office chair. I’ve got a few hours left here but will do another update tomorrow with today’s finding on the Kanga Posture Stool.

Coming into day 2 I got to my desk and didn’t have a chair, not in the sense of I’d lost it but I honestly thought someone had stolen it because the kanga kneeling stool has no back it was just sitting under my office desk, another bonus of these stools! They really do keep out of the way when not being used. Anyway I’ve been sat on this from 9am – currently 1:30pm and I have had no back pains what so ever and I am honestly impressed, in my head I have always told people to sit on these for maybe a max of 3 hours at a time but that is so wrong, I could happily stay in this position for the whole day, admittedly I occasionally stretch my legs but nothing that you wouldn’t do in any position.  I’m finding the stool a lot more comfortable and have a better posture position sat down now. It has a great height to it and I don’t feel like I’m having to stretch anything. I have my arms rested on my desk so no strain on anything there and am very happy with this Kanga Stool / Office Chair.


Also sitting here I’ve just moved my legs in front of me (so I’m sat on the stool like a normal chair) and I instantly felt something twinge in my lower back, moving my knees back into position has corrected it. That to me is the point of these chairs.

The handles on the Kanga make it easy to get up and sit on the chair without being put into an awkward position, the thick knee pad makes it comfortable for the pressure to be put upon your legs. I’ve been to chiropractors before and they’re about £30-40 a session, and the Kanga is less than £81, 2 sessions with a chiropractor for one office chair that is going to make a significant difference.

Even if you were to use the Kanga Kneeling Stool alongside your current office chair it gives you to option to relieve some of that back pain when your office chair isn’t doing the job. So don’t wait around, get yourself a Kanga Kneeling Chair today and have a happy back!

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