How to overcome and avoid stress

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Stress, we all go through it. We stress out in every scenario over the smallest things, why? It’s just what we do as a human society. When working in an office environment or whilst working at any job you will experience the feeling of stress. Stress can lead to anxiety, that I can personally tell you will not be your best friend… so here are a few tips on how to avoid being stressed at work.

Everyone experiences stress, its normal. Stress is a hormone known as Cortisol which is responsible for sending the body into this stressful, uncalming state – here is a simple guide on how to beat it.

1.Take a break or go for a short walk
Relax, take a break and go get some fresh air, no better cure than taking a second to clear your head. You need to get out of the stressful situation and take a minute to yourself to calm down and rethink the situation. Studies show that when places into a stressful situation, simple exercises such as walking or Tai Chi help to lower the cortisone levels found in the body.

2.Breathe slowly and deeply
When you get stressed you tend to breathe quicker ultimately putting extra pressure on your body, no one wants to end up hyperventilating, do you? So here is the trick… take your time when breathing, concentrate and take deep breaths. As absurd as this sounds, you need to trick your body into thinking you’re calmer than you actually are, trust me it works.

Now you’re probably thinking furniture? What has furniture got to do with stress… it doesn’t. Here’s the thing, we all know you dislike your job, secretly you don’t love it. If you’re reading this you definitely don’t love it. So what does furniture have to do with stress?
Why add to the extra pressure of stress from work with stress on your body. Is your lower back in pain? Getting uncomfortable sitting on the same hard chair every day? Why not try a posture chair. Improve your posture and your health, whilst being at work. The Chiro plus Posture Chair is the perfect solution, this chair has been approved by chiropractors. Its unique design guarantees an ache free day. Too expensive? Why not try the wave High Back Posture Chair. For only £138.99 you are guaranteed an easy life with a pain free back, sound delightful? We think so.

4.Think about your stress in a different way
Use your stress as self-motivation, you might as well use it somehow right?
It’s been proven that if you change the way you think about stress, you can reduce your actual stress levels.



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