What is a Posture Chair?

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What is a Posture Chair?


Does your job involve sitting down for long periods a day? Many of us are unaware of the implications this can have on our health and wellbeing. In fact, new research has linked long periods of sitting to adverse health effects. From higher rates of obesity to metabolic syndrome and death from cardiovascular disease, sitting for too many hours a day can have a major impact on our bodies.


As some health practitioners say, “sitting is the new smoking”. If you often find yourself sitting for a prolonged period of time at your desk, one way you can promote better health is to maintain a good posture. With 78% of office workers stating they spend too long sitting down, poor posture is a growing problem in the workplace. There are a number of innovative seating solutions designed to combat this issue, including posture chairs.


Read on to find out why posture chairs have become the new trend for offices!

Importance of a Posture Chair


For office workers, good seating is essential. Anyone who has experienced a desk-bound role will understand that a difficult habit to avoid is slouching over at the screen. While others will know the sheer dread of having to sit on an uncomfortable, stiff seat for eight hours a day, five days a week. Both examples are known to cause a number of musculoskeletal problems, including lower-back and neck pain.


Without the correct seating, it is more difficult to achieve a good sitting posture. That’s why many offices are choosing posture chairs as part of their furniture. Ergonomic posture chairs offer specialist lumbar support to help shape your body correctly and maintain the natural curve in your back. A posture chair provides the ability to adjust your chair throughout the day to find the most suitable position for you, in order to eliminate the risk of future health problems.

Features of an Ergonomic Posture Chair


  • Adjustable seat, arm and back height
  • Spacious back for support
  • Seat slide
  • Multi-position synchronous mechanism


Benefits of a Posture Chair


When it comes to sitting in the same position at work, the Ergonomic posture chair effectively relieves the pressure exerted on your spine. Their unique design helps you to improve your posture, adjust the features to fit your needs and maximise your comfort levels.


A posture chair has a strong headrest to reduce the risk of neck problems and stiffness while sitting down. In addition, the chair also comes with a backrest to support the entire back and maintain the natural curve of the spine.


With adjustable features incorporated to make work day activities easier, employees are more likely to experience a boost in productivity. Furthermore, by supporting the health of office employees, they will spend less time away from work due to illness and injury.


  • Reduces Pain
  • Boosts Productivity
  • Improves Employee Wellness

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