Which Is The Better Working Environment, At Home Or In The Office?

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Which Is The Better Working Environment, At Home Or In The Office?



There are many positives to both working from home and working in the office, depending on which of the two you prefer, we can help you! There are many positives to think about when it comes to working from home, you have more freedom as you do not have to worry about arriving to work at a set time and sitting in that draining rush hour traffic, you can wear what you want so you can be comfortable all day, it is environmentally friendly as you do not have to travel to work and you can spend more time with your loved ones.



There are also many positives to working in an office, it can help to build a routine as you will have a set time to get to work in the morning meaning you will have to wake up and complete your morning routine before this time, you get to meet new people and form new working relationships, you are able to switch off from work as soon as it comes to the end of your shift which means you are able to keep your work life and your home life completely separate, you will always have company throughout the day, you are able to ask for help if you need it and it is much easier to get motivated in an office.


As well as there being many positives to working from home, there are also many negatives… when working from home you are faced with a lot of potential distractions such as a mobile phone, the door going, children or pets needing something or even the TV! You can miss out on work relationships and building relationships with colleagues, there is a risk of over working or under working. Working from home also means that you no longer have a stress free environment as your home is also your place of work and to work from home you will have to be very self-motivated and be able to still meet all of your deadlines.


If you have decided that working from home is for you, we can help. Here at Atlantis Office we have a large range of home office equipment ranging from Office Desks to Office Storage! If you have a specific budget to keep to, we can help you find the perfect range of Office Furniture to suit your budget. The Amazon Oak Effect Workstation is a perfect desk for any home office, it is low in price (£99.99 + VAT) and features a CPU cupboard, stationary drawer and provides a nice, sturdy and strong work space.


 (This is the Amazon Oak Effect Workstation)


For those with a higher budget, we have the Corniche Rectangular desk, this Executive Desk is available in 2 width options (1800mm or 2000mm) and 3 real wood veneer finishes meaning you can choose the size and colour to suit you and your Home Office. This desk will cost £1347.99 (+ VAT), The Corniche Desk is an elegant desk and will enhance any home office.


For a mid-range budget, the Curve Home Office Desk will suit you perfectly, it is a real walnut wood veneer desk which offers a pedestal with 3 soft closing drawers to help keep your workspace tidy, and a pop up socket which includes 2 UK sockets and 2 USB ports. This 1300mm wide desk is priced at £365.99 + VAT and would be a smart addition to any home office.


(This is the Curve Home Office Desk)


As well as these three examples, we have matching home office ranges such as the Eco Home Office Range, the Urban Home Office Range, The Rio Home Office Range, Posture Chairs, Executive Office Chairs, Leather Office Chairs, Fabric Office chairs and more. We have many Office Chairs and Home Office Chairs in our Colchester Showroom so why not pop in and try them out for yourself!




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