Why Back Support for Your Office Chair is Important

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While you may already be aware that back support for your office chair is important, do you know why? Getting the proper support is essential to maintaining good overall health and stress reduction, amongst other benefits.

Typical Problems with Office Chairs

All too often office chairs lack proper back support, which puts stress on your lower back. That pressure intensifies when you sit for long periods at work, especially with poor posture. The joints and soft tissues in the spine can become compromised over time.

In addition, you likely feel uncomfortable when your back aches. That makes it more difficult to focus on your work projects and, thus, reduces your daily productivity.

Benefits of Lumbar Back Support for Your Office Chair

Thankfully, a lumbar back support encourages good posture by filling in the space between the seat and the lumbar spine that naturally curves inward at the lower back.It is a convenient wayto add support to your chair without having to get a whole new chair.

The Soho Back Support from Atlantis Office is a quality example; it fits to your spine and is fully adjustable. The Soho Back Support is lightweight and features a unique design of twin pads that free the spine from stress up to an impressive 65 percent, as well as providing consistent back support. Each blade is ventilated to keep you comfortable as you work, and the pads are height adjustable to position the hips in a forward position that reduces pressure on the back thighs.

With this superior support product, the back muscles stay strong. As well, the flexible pads encourage back movement and proper posture, which helps you avoid muscle fatigue caused by slumping over while seated for a long period.

Other Places Lumbar Back Support is Important

As well as at the office, there are other places that lumbar back support is helpful for you. If you drive for long periods, for example, you can use the portable Soho Back Support or another appropriate support product in the driver’s seat. Pregnant women will also appreciate how the Soho Back Support eases back pressure, as will most people who suffer from constant back pain.

Choosing an office chair with back support or a comfortable Lumbar Support Product helps prevent back problems, alleviate back aches and significantly reduce stress in the spine. Learn more about the Soho Back Support from Atlantis Office today or try it out for yourself at the Colchester showroom!

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