Office Layouts – One Size Does Not Fit All

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Your office is your work place, your bread and butter and most importantly the place you are likely to spend at least 8 hours of your day at. When looking at fitting your office out it is important to realise that spending hour’s googling office layouts simply won’t work as one office isn’t the same as the other, you need to take the time to read your employees, evaluate your area and come up with the best layout to maximize employee comfort while optimizing space. The Office Chairs you decide upon relates to the style you are going for, nothing beats an ergonomic posture chair, but will it be leather, fabric or mesh? Does your office get hot and stuffy, in which case a mesh chair will be a fantastic option. Or do you want the elegant look of a leather styled gem?

We have a vast knowledge of office furniture and can help you choose which style will suit your office the best. We can break down into the core to utilize the space you have and can always work within your budget and time frame. If you are working in a busy brain sharing game such as marketing and need an open plane desk space we can provide the best ergonomic desk hubs for your company. On the opposite end of the scale, if you have a large workforce with minimal space our bench desking system is right up your street, lines of desks back to back all with the employees own working area and cable management systems means no messy wires.

Combing the power of the internet with our expertise we can ensure you will use us with confidence you will come back again asking for office furniture for the next big venture.

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