5 Reasons to Buy a Mesh Office Chair

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Mesh office chairs are the comfortable solution to a hot office, and here’s 5 reason to buy one.

1. Mesh chairs are incredibly stylish,  they are on the same level as Mac’s in the sense you can see into the heart of the chair and it’s a piece of art apposed to a chair.

2. They are flexible – the mesh on the chairs gives you more movement than you will get with a foam chair. Meaning you can move your body around more and find your comfortable position.

3. The air flows through them like a plane in the sky. Everyone has been there, it’s July and you’re in the office with the sun belting down on you, and the leather get hot and sticky – well not with a mesh office chair, the ventilation on the chairs means you get air flowing and heat is kept to a minimum leaving you with maximum comfort.

4. Ergonomic design – most mesh chairs are designed around posture and support, with the mesh back curved in such a way that it forces you to sit with good posture.

5. They keep clean with minimal maintenance – Not only do mesh office chairs keep you cool but they also keep themselves clean with minimal work on your behalf. Mesh office chairs are wipe clean, meaning a simple baby wipe is enough to brush off any dirt or dust, leading to better hygiene in the office and again, giving you maximum comfort.

Mesh Office Chairs are the leading style in office chairs, they are designed to look stylish but work ergonomically within the office environment giving you comfort and good posture.

What does Atlantis recommend?

We love the Wave Mesh chair, the chair is all round good looking and has all the features you need. It is a chiropractor chair which has excellent posture support, a multi-functional mechanism including seat and back height. Along with a lock any position mechanism, seat slide and a weight tension control feature. Not forgetting the height adjustable back and tilting headrest.

Being one of the best sellers it is the ideal solution for you.

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