5 tips on how to survive your first meeting

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Business meetings, sounds scary and intimidating right? This is my experience and how I got through it. It was my first day working for Atlantis Office and I got introduced to the world of furniture. 


Confidence is key, when meeting anyone for the first time you want to make a good impression don’t you? So be confident, be enthusiastic and be yourself. Make them leave with the impression that you gave them. When I walked into the meeting room I had no idea who I was meeting, or what they would be like, in fact I was clueless about everything. You walk in last, shake their hand, do the normal greetings introducing one another and you sit. You sit and smile of course making the best of minimal small talk. You say “hello”, ask how they’re doing and then observe.


Notes, I cannot stress the importance of notes. Whether you take any or not make sure you have a notepad and pen at hand to make it look like you know what you’re doing, when frankly you don’t. For the whole duration of the meeting I was clueless. Nodding my head and agreeing with everyone, I didn’t really have an input I was just happy to sit and watch. 


If I’m honest being my first day of my apprenticeship, I have no idea about office chairs I couldn’t tell you the difference between a Zephyr and an Alpha Mesh, they’re just chairs right? I couldn’t be more wrong. 


You need to stay calm and focused two qualities I sometimes lack. Although confidence is key do not get carried away, I have a confident and bubbly personality. Sometimes I just don’t know when to shut up I become too friendly and talk about topics which are ultimately irrelevant and inconvenient. As nice as it is being able to talk to new people with ease, remember it’s a meeting, a business meeting not a lunch date. 


Remember this is your first meeting! Stay calm, focused, be confident, be yourself and smile… oh and notes do not forget the notes.

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