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Google “Office Furniture” and you get 173,000,000 results, so why pick us? Why choose Atlantis Office for all of your office seating furniture needs. Well the answer is simple, we genuinely care.

We are a small family company with a big business heart, you could ring of the the other 173 million results and attempt to speak to the same person you originally spoke to and have more luck milking a dead cow than getting through to Barbra in Customer Services. Ring us and you will get to either Joel, Aimee, Sianne, or Emma. Come into the showroom and you will see Joel, Aimme,Ema, have your furniture installed and you will see Joel, Aimee, Emma…… You get my point!

We know each customer like they were a friend, we know your office needs and can find the suitable office chair for you. When you come into our Colchester seating and furniture showroom you won’t feel pressured, we can sit, have a coffee and try out some chairs in your own time. We won’t be leaving the building until you are satisfied you’ve had the service you deserve.

We may be small in numbers but our office seating line is huge, we have thousands of chairs to offer, everything from operator chairs, executive chairs leading to our specialized area of posture seating, seating that makes a real difference to your body in the office. That’s another thing, we really know what we are talking about. Most of the companies you find online will be working behind a computer to never see a single one of the chairs you’re buying. We visit the factories on a regular basis to test, try and choose our chairs. We can give you real advice that will help you as apposed to recommending a product no one has ever seen.

We often have customers come in wanting a new office but worrying they won’t be able to install it into their home local to our showroom. Well do you think an online trader will be able to come to your house on a day and time you choose to install your furniture. Will you get that personal touch from  someone else? Will that supplier come round for after sales service if there is a problem. No. Will Atlantis? Yes. We are never just about making the sale and turning our back. Once you’ve purchased an item for us we will do everything we can to make the after sales experience just as enjoyable as the product itself.

Our extensive office seating showroom is open during normal business hours and we even offer local demonstrations within offices.

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to call us on Colchester (01206) 586858 or email sales@atlantisoffice.com

- The Atlantis Team

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