Cable Trays

Cable Trays

Cable Trays. This office accessory enables you to create a tide and clean workplace environment. These allow cables to be wiped in or encased in a tidy manor to keep office areas safe from any stray cables.

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Basket Style Cable Tray

Basket Style Cable Tray. A sturdy steel mesh basket ensures cables are neat, safe and visible. ..

£23.20 £19.99

Wipe-In Cable Tray

Wipe-In Cable Tray. 5 Year Guarantee Black plastic cable trunking. Soft top that allows c..

£23.20 £19.99

Matrix Bench Cable Risers

Matrix Bench Cable Risers. 5 Year guarantee. Single channel cable risers. 2 Per Pack Sui..

£26.10 £21.99

Linnea Bench Cable Risers

Linnea Bench Cable Risers 5 Year guarantee. Single channel cable risers. 2 Per Pack Suit..

£28.04 £23.99

Advance Cable Trays

Advance workstation provide a comtempory look and offer flexibilty for single desks or multiple user..

£31.91 £25.99

Eclipse Cable Tray

Eclipse Cable Tray. Cable tray suitable for any eclipse desk or workstations. Suitable also ..

£44.48 £36.99

CPU Holder

CPU Holder. CPU Holder fixes to the underside of the desk allows space under the desk. 2 ..

£51.25 £43.99

Linnea Bench Cable Trays

Linnea Bench Cable Tray 5 year guarantee. Easy slot and hook design Effective cable managem..

£52.22 £44.99

Evolve Bench Desk Cable Management Tray

These are the Cable Management Trays which are made to fit the Evolve Bench Desks. The Evolve Cable ..

£81.23 £75.99

Adapt Central Drop Down Cable Tray And Bracket

This is our central drop down cable tray and basket which comes in 3 different sizes which are 120..

£99.99 £86.99

Adapt Mass Vertical Cable Riser

The Adapt mass vertical cable riser is our cable riser for any of the desks in the Adapt range. Th..

£109.99 £94.99