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Kneeling Stools and Posture Stools from Atlantis Office

Atlantis Office is a key player in the kneeling stool / kneeling chair market. We provide a wealth of knowledge and expertise and are one of the UK's biggest distributors of Kneeling chairs. Kneeling stools are designed to encourage an ergonomic posture and to distribute the weight across the body evenly. Kneeling Chairs are ideal for any type of office use including home office and daily tasks that would require kneeling down that could damaged your back.  Kneeling stools are available with wooden or steel frames and available in numerous colour finishes. Our kneeling stools are finished in high quality fabric for durability. Kneeling stool features include, angle and height adjustments for maximum comfort, the chair is designed to create a comfortable working position. 

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Posture Metal Frame Fabric Seat Kneeling Stool

Our Ergonomic Silver Kneeling Stool is design to relieve any short term pain while sitting at a..


Posture Wooden Kneeling Chair Charcoal

Our wooden kneeling chair Encourages a more ergonomic posture and distributes the weight across the ..


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Bespoke Posture Metal Kneeling Stool

Our Ergonomic Silver Kneeling Stool is designed to relieve any short term pain while sitti..