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Atlantis Office is devoted to helping you find your perfect Office Desk, this is why we have such a huge variety to choose from. We have everything from straight office desks to ergonomic office desks to executive office desks. All of our office desks are thick, strong and reliable. Delivered to your front door our office desks are sure to make your work life that bit more enjoyable. After all you spend 8 hours a day at your office desk you will at least want to have one that suits your office needs and looks stylish. Choosing the right desk can be difficult as there are numerous factors to consider for example desktop thickness, width depth and height, colour, style amongst other features. Atlantis Office supply desks and office furniture in numerous ranges so all of these factors match allowing for a more aesthetically pleasing office environment. In addition to conventional Office Desks eg: Straight Office Desks and Corner Office Desks we can supply Bench Desking. Bench Desking is a cost-effective way to maximise desk space within compromising floor space. For product enquiries and further information please phone 01206 586858 or click Here to send us an email.