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Desk screens are perfect for any office environment.  Straight desk screens help to create individual working areas to allow employees to have their own working space and reduce noise.   Straight desk screens are also perfect to hide cables and tidy up any gaps between desks. As well as practical reasons, straight desk screens also provide the finishing touches of colour to your office furniture, adds character and your companies theme.  Atlantis office has a variety of straight desk screens in a variety of sizes and colour options.  Our straight desk screens are available in fabric and acrylic. 

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Protect Plus Acrylic Desktop Screen Topper

Keep your staff and customers safe from harmful viruses and colds with this easy wipe clean hygiene ..


ES Deluxe Blue Fabric Screen

We recommend contacting us before ordering this item to check which brackets you need. This Deluxe D..


ES Straight Office Desk Screen | 800mm - 1800mm

Straight Office Desk Screen - 400mm High Supplied with flat and G clamp - both require screws to..


ES Wave Desk Screen | 800 - 1800mm

Wave Office Desk Screen Simple attachment to the desk, simple slot the bracket over th..


Privacy Straight Desk Screen | 1200 - 1800mm Wide

The Privacy Straight Desk Screen is our desktop screen perfect for dividing desks as well as adding ..


Rayleigh Desk Divider Partition

The Rayleigh Desktop Screen is our desktop screen perfect for dividing desks as well as adding priva..