Non-Magnetic Whiteboards

Non-Magnetic Whiteboards

All of our whiteboards and notice boards manufactured by Franke have a silver-anodised aluminium frame with light grey plastic corners and include wall mounting accessories. These are perfect for using in either portrait or landscape. Our Franken Whiteboards also come in a mobile version with a revolving whiteboard and in trio joint for space saving and perfect for confidential use. The Franken Notice boards come in both Felt and ideal for push pins, the Cork Notice board. 

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Eco Friendly Writing Whiteboard

Non-Magnetic writing boards Wood effect frame in light oak or beechConstructed from a high propor..


Franken Non-Magnetic Drywipe Whiteboard

The Franken  X-tra!Line® Whiteboard is our non-magnetic drywipe board. It features a non-m..


Music Stave Writing Whiteboard

Ideal for teaching Non-magnetic surface Satin silver anodised aluminium frame Rounded safety cor..


Non-Magnetic Line/Square Writing Whiteboard

Writing boards with 50mmNon-magnetic surfacePerfect for teaching/training environments Satin silv..


Non-Magnetic Mobile Swivel Writing Whiteboard

Double-sided swivel boardNon-Magnetic: plain/grid surfaceRotates 360 degrees on the horizontal ax..


Non-Magnetic Mobile Writing Whiteboard Landscape

N    ON-    M    AGDouble-sided, non-magnetic writing board Plain one..


Non-Magnetic Mobile Writing Whiteboard Portrait

Double-sided, non-magnetic writing board Plain one side, feint grid on reverse Mobile frame with ..


Non-Magnetic SmartShield Writing Board

Non-Magnetic whiteboard with Smart Shield Frame Premium finish and modern, stylish design Choice of ..


Non-Magnetic Writing Board

Non-magnetic double-sided whiteboard Plain one side, grid on reverse Satin Silver anodised alumin..


Non-Magnetic Writing Whiteboard

Non-magnetic double-sided whiteboardPlain one side, grid on reverse Satin Silver anodised alumini..


Writing Board With 75mm Line - Non-Magnetic

Writing boards with 75mmNon-magnetic surfacePerfect for teaching/training environments Satin silv..