Office Design and Installations in Essex and Suffolk

Office Design and Installations in Essex and Suffolk

Are you looking to fit out a new office or perhaps give your office a new look, create more workspace, less clutter, new ideas? Then look no further than Atlantis Office, we have been designing, planning, and installing offices in the South East of England since 2010.

We do everything for you, from design plans, ideas to installation and removal of all packaging.All you have to tell us is how many people need a desk. We give you ideas

you may never have thought of, not enough room for a pedestal...Go slimline. Can't find a screen to match the company colours or size needed... go bespoke and pick any colour you can think of! 

Once everything is in place we will install to a time that suits you and remove all packaging and leave you with the office of your dreams.

Take the first step and ring us on 01206 586858 or email

Small Business up to Commercial Office

Don't settle for anything less than perfect when re-fitting or starting out your office design, the central hub of your business, where everyone requires a good workspace, a comfortable chair that suits the environment, enough storage for the user, and privacy to work.

We can help you decide on the best desk layout to start, whether that be modular bench desking or a mixture of rectangular, corner, wave or height-adjustable desks.

CAD & Design

Once we know what type of items you require, we can help design you a basic floorplan to work out the best fit of desks, decide on sizes etc.

All of this is designed around making sure the main installation is perfect. Similar to the below, we can use CAD to give the best feel for your new office. Once we have come to an agreement on 2D plans we can move on to 3D plans with real colours, seating etc. 

See some of our recent installations below 

Office Design and Installations